About Us

Founded in 2006, Scotham Alliance Limited became registered in Nigeria as a 100% indigenous company.  The company was established as an engineering company to provide several services in the Energy and Oil & Gas industries.

Scotham Alliance is an engineering company with vested interests in the Energy and Oil and Gas  sectors. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with professional services, guaranteed quality with the highest level of distinction and creativity.

With your business in mind, we can adjust with the movement of your organization’s objectives without compromising standards.
The strength of our company lies in our ability to understand what the client wants, and to organize men and resources to consistently meet those needs on a timely basis.
We have the capacity to organize as well as being able to work closely with our clients with resourcefulness, flexibility and responsiveness to meet their needs.

As the world is going green, we pride ourselves in delivering quality Renewable Energy products and services which are very cost effective. We provide, install  and maintain home installations of various capacities such as 1.5kVA, 2.5kVA, 5kVA and small scale industrial installations of 10 – 20 kVA. Installations may include a combination of solar panels, inverters and batteries, depending on the needs of our clients.
In the oil and gas sector, we are into the maintenance of heavy duty equipment such as generators, pumps, compressors and et.al. In line with this, we can provide equipment and their spare parts. Other equipment our company can provide include valves, adaptors, stabilizers, expanders and absorbers, to name a few.

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