Average fuel (PMS) consumption calculation

A full tank of a new generator (for example, Sumec Firman) would usually run for 16 – 20 hours and as it becomes older, the operating time drops to about 8 – 12 hours. Using an 8.5 kVA Sumec Firman generator as a case study, full tank of this generator is about 25 litres. Below is a rough estimate of the fuel consumption.

Runtime (hours) 12
Fuel (litres) 25
Consumption Rate (litres/hours) 2.083333333
Fuel cost (N/litres) 145

If Generator is run 10 hours/day 3,020.83 ₦
In a week 21,145.83 ₦
In a month 90,625.00 ₦
In a Year 1,102,604.17 ₦

The inverter system can be used to provide backup power when national grid supply or generator is not available. In areas where the grid power supply is given like 12 hours in a day, the inverter system can drastically reduce the amount of money spent on fuel purchase. When the power comes from the grid, it charges the inverter while supplying power to the house.
When grid power goes off, the supply from the battery immediately kicks in, ensuring there is no break in that exciting movie or football match you are watching.

With the introduction of our hybrid systems using solar panels, you are sure to save more money because during the day when the sun is high, the solar panels provide power that supplies electricity directly to the house while charging the inverter. This reduces the use of the battery by half thus prolonging the batteries’ life.

At Scotham Alliance, we provide tailor-made affordable solutions to meet your energy needs and save you from the noise and smoke pollution caused by generators.

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